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Homozygous Black and Dun with 1 cream, grulla filly.  EE DD nCR.  Super friendly and sweet filly with good bone and good conformation.  Currently getting 60 days under saddle training.    


This colt is really a looker!  He is out of Justa A Grullo Streak NCHA money earner, COA earner, and NCHA producer.  He is by Legal N Twisted who has LTE $12,000.  This colt has 2 performing parents!  There is no reason why he shouldn't make a performer in any cow horse event as well! 

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Catolicious 2016 AQHA Black Mare by Black Cat Olena and out of Magically Delicious

This filly is such a doll!  She has good solid black feet, a cute head and muscles popping out all over her!  She is out of Magically Delicious NCHA Money Earner.  She by Legal N Twisted who has LTE $12,000.  Both of her sire and dam are money earners!!!!!  This filly is also a really pretty mover!


This filly is so cool and so black!  She moves around like a cat just like she is bred to!  Her sire is an own son of High Brow Cat and her momma is a NCHA money earning own daughter of Abracadabacre.  

NAME:Twisted Sizter
DOB: 5/26/2017


SIRE:  Legal N Twisted
DAM: Magically Delicious

This filly is drop dead gorgeous!  She is the 2nd foal born by Legal N Twisted.  She has a pretty little baby doll head with a big pretty white star and sock on her left hind foot.  She is just perfect all the way around!  Click on her picture to see her page and a whole bunch more pictures!

2015 AQHA Smoky Grulla mare EE DD nCR
NAME:Its A Kitty Twister
DOB: 3/6/2017

COLOR: Grulla

SIRE:  Legal N Twisted
DAM: Peppy Leona San
2017 AQHA Grulla Mare by Legal N Twisted and out of Peppy Leona San
NAME:Legally Streakn
DOB: 4/17/2017

COLOR: Grulla

GENDER: Stallion
SIRE:  Legal N Twisted
DAM: Just A Grullo Streak

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Twisted Sizter 2017 AQHA Bay Mare by Legal N Twisted and out of Magically Delicious.

Real nice big stout strong made Homozygous Black smoky grulla mare.  She has a beautiful grulla filly at her side by Legal N Twisted born on 2/21/2017.  Minnie has been bred back for a 2018 foal.

2017 AQHA Grulla colt by Legal N Twisted and out of Just A Grullo Streak

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NAME:Miss Big Minnie
DOB: 5/14/2003

COLOR: Smoky Grulla

SIRE: Smokn Cajun Rebel
DAM: Miss Big Business
DOB: 5/30/2016

COLOR: Black

SIRE: Black Cat Olena
DAM: Magically Delicious
NAME:Slick Ice
DOB: 2/24/2015

COLOR: Smoky Grulla

SIRE: Twist Of Sterling
DAM: Miss Big Minnie

Very solid weekend cutting horse.  Super fun to ride, win ALL the time, NCHA money earner of just almost $100,000!  Still sound, healthy, shod, easy keeper, and very low maintenance.  Currently shown in NCHA Non-Pro and Amateur classes.  Gentle for anyone!

Tom & Ashleigh Cole

P.O. Box 128  (mailing address)

2879 S. FM 1744  (physical address)

Carlton, TX 76436 USA


Cell Phone:     (254) 485-4404

E-mail: cole.7hlquarterhorses@hotmail.com

NAME: HH Gin N Lena
DOB: 2/28/1996

COLOR: Sorrel

GENDER: Gelding
SIRE: Poco San Lena
DAM: Ginney Bun

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