Page last updated 2/11/2018

Tom & Ashleigh Cole

P.O. Box 128  (mailing address)

2879 S. FM 1744  (physical address)

Carlton, TX 76436 USA


Cell Phone:     (254) 485-4404

E-mail: cole.7hlquarterhorses@hotmail.com

Here is our puppies for sale page.  All the tails will be docked and dew claws removed (if they were born with any).  We have 3 breeding females (2 are Aussie and one is a Border Collie) and 2 breeding males (one Aussie and one Border Collie).  One of our breeding females is Kaki, a red merle female Australian Shepherd with one blue eye and one green/partial blue eye.  The other Australian Shepherd breeding female is Pickles, a blue merle (granddaughter of Kaki) with 1 blue eye.  And the other breeding jip is our black and white Border Collie, Tip.  For a stud dog, we have a black and white Border Collie male named Johnny Ringo.  We also have a Blue Merle Aussie male named Blue.  Due to high demand for the Border Collie / Aussie cross we will be doing some crosses instead of breeding full bloods together. 
If you are interested in a puppy send me an email ( cole.7HLQuarterHorses@hotmail.com ) and I will move it into my "puppy file".  The puppies will be "available for sale" at 3 days old when their photo is made and their tails are docked.  As soon as we have available puppies I will send everyone a message, that messaged me, that we have puppies and this puppy page will be updated with pics.  At that time you can select the puppy you want and email me and let me know (make sure you have gotten a response from me by phone or email to hold your puppy) and mail your money in (the full amount).  At that time I will mark the puppy's status on the website from "available" to "sale pending".  If I do not receive your payment within 5 mailing days I will make the puppy available again to the public.  I do not sell pups before they are born because we never know what we are going to have nor how many.  The puppies are usually ready to go to their forever homes around 6 weeks of age.  They can stay until the 8th week of age.  After that, I will charge board.  The puppies are very mobile at that age and they make me real nervous that something is going to happen to them!  lol  Although I do my best protecting them, but at that time they will be home alone because all the mommas go to work Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.  So having said that, puppies will be home alone with a few of our retired females.  Vaccines are an extra fee (exactly what ever my vet charges -no markup) and are highly recommended.  We have never had parvo or any other disease here on the place.  A lot of people want to bring their dogs here to meet the new puppy and family member, but please respect our wishes that no outside dogs are allowed here.  All of the pups will sell for $275 each, any color any sex, no exceptions, and price is firm.  First come, first serve!  They sell fast, so if you want one, speak up, and send your money in (after they are born)!  If you would like shots, they are $20, per puppy, straight from my vet.  You can mail the payment to:
 Ashleigh Cole
P.O. Box 128
Carlton, TX 76436
Pick the puppy you want, let me know by email or phone (make sure you actually hear from me) and send your money in ASAP.  I will only hold the sale for 5 mailing days before they become available for sale again.
My cell phone number is (254) 485-4404